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President's Message

Thrissur Association of Kuwait (TRASSK)

Dear Trassk members,

Greetings to all, I am honoured and at the same time humbled to be the President of Thrissur Association of Kuwait for the year 2021.
A leader is someone who inspires others, who leads by example and motivates people to be better and move forward no matter how hard the challenges might be.

My warm appreciation goes to the committee members, previous committees and each members of the association who served in their best capacity in the past years and guided TRASSK towards today’s success.
Being part of a successful journey for the past many years in different roles, has given me confidence, courage, and renewed hope to continue with each one of you. I am also reminded that a journey that began by our TRASSK predecessors is now in our hands to continue.
The new role entrusted upon me by the association makes me realize its importance and I shall take every effort to fulfil it to ensure smooth functioning, continued growth, and success of our association.

We are an association with great pride in our history, who played a major role in promoting culture and values in the State of Kuwait. As the President of 2021, I am committed to exceeding your expectations in every sphere of our large association especially in our commitment to the welfare of our members and their families.
I am proud of the support, services, and events conducted in the past year and promise that we will continue those initiatives, as well as adding new programs and events in this year. I would also like to emphasize the need to further strengthen our various committees & team members who immensely contributed to our success in the previous years.

The Committees which remained backbones of TRASSK such as Arts, Sports, Media, Social Welfare, Vanithavedi and Kalikalam always played an important role within the Association.
We are being a prominent and the most recognized district association in the state of Kuwait, with members hailing from the cultural capital of Kerala, we are indeed a major social player in our society. That being a pride, it also brings more responsibilities and commitment to continue our success. Moreover a role model to other district associations in Kuwait.

We have fantastic leadership and management team with strong priorities and therefore our ambitious initiatives for advancement of TRASSK includes following priorities:
•    Providing abundant opportunities for every member in our association to learn, teach, mentor, share, and shape our culture.
•    Address our association fundamentals for efficiency and effectiveness.
•    Improve outreach and engagement with all members.
•    Grow our recognition and increase memberships.

The unique culture of the beautiful Thrissur reflected throughout various activities of TRASSK. Though we are physically distant today, but we all must stand together to battle the pandemic COVID 19 and it’s consequences towards our members and families. While thanking you all once again, I seek your sincere support in every realm of our association’s objectives. So let us work together to serve Trassk and its valuable members with a vision in mind, mission in hand.


Joy Chittilappilly

President, Thrissur Association of Kuwait.

Ph. 00965 90062584

Email ID: