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Thrissur Association of Kuwait (TRASSK)

Thrissur Association of Kuwait (TRASSK).

a registered association with the Embassy of India, Kuwait is a non-profitable, non-political, secular and cultural organization constituted in 2006 with the stated aims of social, educational and cultural purposes. The TRASSK was formed by 21 members as founder members with a vision to unite the Thrissurians under one umbrella.

Within 18 years of inception, TRASSK is strengthened and positioned as a pioneer association in the state of Kuwait, especially in the fields of social responsibility and the cultural development. The association is grown to 3000 registered members in short span of time.

In order to promote and sustain growth among the social, educational, cultural, communicational and sports activities of TRASSK members, the association formed sub committees – the strong pillars of TRASSK, through which we unite us as the symbols of our cultural capital of Kerala – Thrissur.

The urge to assist the needy and the feel and pleasure of “thrissurians” makes TRASSK a different association in the state of Kuwait. The helping hand of TRASSK is always spread among the members and non-members. TRASSK requests everyone to come together to nurture the rich culture of Thrissur in the desert of hope and prosperity.